At Headway Quarterly, we believe that writing is recursive and discursive. We believe that writing requires revisitation, revision, and reimagining, and that this process is nonlinear in nature. Unlike most literary magazines that presuppose finality and present submissions as untouchable artifacts, Headway showcases the process of writing—not simply the product.


We ask all of our contributors to meditate on the creation of the piece we publish. This reflection is presented alongside the “finished” submission, both unveiling each author’s unique writing process and bringing the author’s voice into the interpretation of their writing. With this twofold mission—to push back against the traditional literary magazine structure by foregrounding the writing process, and to create a space for writers to participate in conversations about their writing—we aim to create a project that answers (or at least asks) questions about process, drafting, revision, authorial voice, and medium. We encourage writers not to seek perfection, but simply to make headway in their own writing process.

The three co-founders—Anna Pedersen (Portland, OR), Hannah Walhout (Brooklyn, NY), and Ben Hackenberger (Cambridge, MA)—met while teaching in the writing program at New York University Abu Dhabi. The project grew out of their shared interest in writing pedagogy and composition theory. They continue to write and edit in their respective cities.


Grants and Awards

2020 NYSCA NYTAP Regrant

2019 CLMP Firecracker Award Finalist in the category of Best Debut Magazine




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Past Guest Readers

Samantha Neugebauer

Originally from Philadelphia, Samantha Neugebauer is a writer living in the United Arab Emirates. She is an Instructor at NYU Abu Dhabi, Editor for the Painted Bride Quarterly, contributor to the podcast "Slush Pile," and staff writer for Postscript Magazine. In 2019, the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) awarded her 2nd place in their quadrennial Creativity Award in Literature for her short story “Transit عبر الحياة," which she co-wrote with poet Amna Alharmoodi. Connect with her:

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