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Paolo Bicchieri


Paolo Bicchieri is a poet, novelist, journalist, and fiction writer. His work can be found in Standart Magazine, Nomadic Press, Flash Fiction Magazine, and more. His fantasy novel Eight Gods: Green Dragons is available in book stores along the West Coast. He works with 826 Valencia amplifying underrepresented voices. Follow him on Twitter @paoloshmaolo.

Josef Brand

Brendan Gillett

Brendan Gillett is pending review.

Julie Stopper and Sofia Mish


Julie Stopper and Sofia Mish are a creative duo hailing from Southeastern PA. Stopper received her BFA in Studio Art from NYU (New York City, NY 2014) and will continue on to pursue her MFA in Performance at SAIC (Chicago, IL 2021); Mish is, and continues to be, a self-taught outsider artist. Over the course of the last few years, Stopper has become a Fellow at NYU Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi 2014-15), Artist-in-Resident at De Liceiras 18 (Porto, Portugal 2015), Exhibiting Artist at the Water Tower Art Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria 2016), and Exhibitions Coordinator at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts (Reading, PA 2017-2018); Mish has stayed put in her hometown spending her winters drinking coffee, her springs picking flowers, her summers lifeguarding swimming pools, and her Autumns falling in love with the fire of her surroundings, every year, all over again. 


In 2016, Stopper was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder; Mish was Stopper’s most intimate witness to this journey—to the inflicted trauma and intense recovery Stopper has undergone in order to reclaim her own mind and body. The two women have since become mental health advocates and attempt to illuminate a truthful depiction of mental illness while also articulating the sheer strength one gains from overcoming a mental disorder. Through visual art, writing, and performance, these women hope to create abstract oxygen for themselves and others to breathe. 

Samantha Neugebauer

Originally from Philadelphia, Samantha Neugebauer is a writer living in the United Arab Emirates. She is an Instructor at NYU Abu Dhabi, Editor for the Painted Bride Quarterly, contributor to the podcast "Slush Pile," and staff writer for Postscript Magazine. In 2019, the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) awarded her 2nd place in their quadrennial Creativity Award in Literature for her short story “Transit عبر الحياة," which she co-wrote with poet Amna Alharmoodi. Connect with her:

Kara Martin

L Mari Harris

L Mari Harris splits her time between Nebraska and the Ozarks, and works as a copywriter in the tech industry. Her work has appeared in Atticus Review, Bending Genres, Cahoodaloodaling, Gravel, Lost Balloon, and Milk Candy Review, among others. Follow her on Twitter @LMariHarris and read more of her work at

Gene Zimmerman

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