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content warning: this poem contains mentions of extremist ideology


Jacob Walhout


Just to riff and spin around

No wonder

The pixar lamp
but bent up
like an animal
caught in the act


Blasted microphones
find strange glee
in me

#QANON scrawled on a paper towel dispenser

Pert (jaunty, neat, chic, trim, stylish, smart, perky, rakish, natty, sassy)
means not even close to what I thought

I get balled up sometimes

No chunter

As in the feeling
of clenching
when I play Vivaldi wrong and dad yells

I’ll get bald up sometime

My worst somatic horror
is teeth or fingernails

Swung nonstop
between bleeding out on the page and
starving it until it
gives me sympathy

Like the swing between

teeth or fingernails

growing where
they should not

As in the feeling of
flapped palm skin
when I play Beethoven wrong and dad yells

Bad commercials
find strange bees
in me

The pixar lamp
but straight backed
like an animal
on a spit

I get tensed up
sometimes frozen

#QANON dragged across a toilet seat

Just to laugh and
pin a sound

No luster

The pixar lamp
but lubed up
like a wheel
after grousing in the cold

Aux cords
find strange few
in you

#QANON stamped on branded toilet paper

Great (prominent, eminent, important, distinguished, illustrious, celebrated, honored, acclaimed,

admired, esteemed, revered, renowned, notable, famous, famed, well known, leading, top, major, principal, first-rate, matchless, peerless, star)

means not even close to what I thought

I get shawled up sometimes

No worries

As in the feeling of
utter failure
when you play Tchaikovsky wrong and I yell

I’ll get hauled off sometime

My deepest chemical horror
is eternity and myself

are eternity and myself

Hung nonstop
between pledging allegiance to the page and
waterboarding it until
it leaks information

Like the hung between

plants or animals
dying where
they should not

As in the feeling of
getting punched by a punching bag
when you play Dvorak wrong and I yell

Bad art
makes strange pleas
of me

The pixar lamp
but eyeless weeping
like Polyphemus
pink CGI water

I get dressed up

sometimes and

#QANON forced through a small hole

Jacob Walhout

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