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Yes! Very strong!

The woman is obviously a…I can't bring myself to type the word.


You sure showed her.

Sounds like something I've heard before

In my own life no doubt

This is a good start but I would really like to see you take off from here.

I tried taking off from here and it didn't work for me either.

More explanation required.

Remember, you're dealing with someone who can barely spell.

Maybe a different response?

I would have called her on it.

This is an example of you at your very best - illogical twists, learned sheens, scatological

humor - and your very worst.

I appreciate the brevity.

I just love that feeling of being done with it.


Need I say more. You obviously did.

Ernie Palmer used to drive a car like that

Sorry, wrong blog.

I like the interrelatedness.

It's throughout.


And Ha! again.

Another favorite!

My fourth favorite! since lunch.

Best remove it

I think there might be a case for slander in there somewhere.


And I repeat near-classic!

More an aside, I think, than a true statement.

Don't apologize. I'd have done the same.

The way you use words unexpectedly.

And just where I imagined them.

Needs more work, I figure.

Go figure.

Great stuff!

And I just love great stuff!

I was left wanting more.

I am a fat person by trade.

It starts off well but...

Why not a rumba, the cha-cha-cha? Why must it always be poetry?