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Saying the Safe Word 

(or Labradoodle)


There's this book

by a Romanian poet 

I love

it's called 


Wheel with a single spoke


reminds me of you 

because the 

self deprecation 

of it all 


but there's this line 

in one of my 

favorite poems

it says, 


sometimes I'm afraid 

I will see you no more


and that's the kind of fear 

I'm battling right now

because of you



So i lied,


I am not a succulent, 

I am a needy fucking flower 

and now I’m turning into 

the bad kind of needy


I promise I won't

try to hold your hand


and anyway, 

I hope you're doing okay


I hope we 

can salvage 


from this 



I miss you (fuck, I wish I could be colder)


I really like being with you 

hearing you laugh and

laughing with you 

making fun of stuff 

and feeling like I can 

just be myself and that

is enough


it *brakes 

my heart 

to see you 



I'm sorry 

for coming on so strong

for being so intense 

for fucking shit up 

for hurting you, if I did


and especially for making 

you feel like you're not enough

because you absolutely are 


I want

to say more, 

but I'll stop.

And just say, 



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