Making the Cut

Neolithicanthrocut: Convergence of early & late human behaviors involving incisions, splits, slashes, gashes, lacerations, openings, gaps, chinks, cracks, apertures, slots & cuts

1. Cutting and Tearing:  


Cutworms slash green stem conduits / umbilicals of plantlife

Xylem tears

Schools of small piranha gash / blade shape teeth

Scissor flesh from prey

Large cutter fish / pacu / mostly plant eaters / humanoid teeth

Pacu Ball Cutters / not seeing well / mistake testicles for nuts

Homesteading woodpeckers drum / beaks hammering holes in trees

We call this nesting

2. Biting and Chewing:


Tree squirrels chew twigs / high in vitamins & minerals

Sharpening incisors

Beavers gnaw wood chips from tree trunks / ring by cellulose ring

Undoing time / dislodging the past

Babies, newborns, infants, tots / deciduous teeth cut open gums

Milk teeth may bite breasts / cut or stress nipples

Permanent & wisdom teeth cut in later / may be illogical / may have to be cut out

Dental tools: wrenches, excavators, chisels, scissors

3. Piercing and Slicing:


Stone ground cutting tools (circa 7,000 BC):  jadeite, diorite, schist (all harder than flint)

Knapped scrapers, pebble choppers, blades, axes, chisels, gouges, cleavers, arrowheads

Metal cutting tools / copper circa 5,000 BC: bronze circa 2,300 BC, iron circa 1750 BC,

Spears, knives, swords, sabers, scythes, shovels, shears

Modern cutting tools: carbide alloys, ceramics, diamonds, detonators, lasers guillotines, saws,                    iron collars, piano wires, magnets, electronic pulse

Methods of cutting: cat ’o’ nine flagellation, ritual warrior scarring, ear nose lip nipple piercings /    tribal tattoos / blood brother bleeds /cliterotomies (all socially acceptable)

4. Implementing:


Arborists cut supple branches / press them into slits in tree trunk

Root stocks sport apple tree branches / fruit for pie

Florists cut flowers / celebrate weddings, birthdays, graduation, prom

Wreaths and sprays for caskets

Farmers cut, scrape, level, combine, rotor, knife / beet tops, hay, cabbages

Provender for livestock

Cooks cut, butcher, grate, peel, par, chop, slice, dice, filet / melons, apples, meat

Food for the nourishment of our bodies

Athletes make the cut / box jump, push press, walking lunge, dumbbell snatch

We call this survival of the fittest


5. Cutting for Blood:


Cuttings by ’tweens & teens / razors lightly scoring / wrists, arms, thighs, chests

Skin sliced open / seeps of blood oozing / hands dabbing / wiping / hiding stained cloths

Blotting away depression / despair / numbness / worthlessness


Suddenly feeling alive, in control, calm, able to function—


It started with a scratch / it felt so real / it’s like cutting is your best friend

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