Freezer Broken Ice Creams + Lollys 1/2 Price!!

We counted out a stack of pennies, gentle as Jenga, till the lady said Oh god just take them. We went and sat on the ground outside the shop in the tiny bit of shade. Our knees stuck out and got hot.

Ice pops are the most color a color can be. Bluer than sea, browner than coke, greener than poison, red. We bit them open, then squeezed them up out of the ragged plastic hole, sucking the sweet ice carefully with our lips folded in like pretending to be old, but it knocked against our teeth and hurt still.

Mrs Higgs came in her car. She had a girl with her older than us. Sav punched me not to, but I waved and said Hi Mrs Higgs, and she said Hi girls and went into the shop. The girl stayed in the car. She was eating cucumber bits out of a plastic box. The windows were up.

I had bitten myself inside my cheek, opening the ice pop. I put my finger in my mouth and showed Sav the blood on it and she showed me her tongue. She knew it was blue, she didn’t need to see. I put my finger on it. She screamed with her tongue still out and said Erghhh with it still out and laughing which made me, too. We had to hide in our shirts to stop laughing, that was the only thing that ever worked.

Mrs Higgs came out of the shop then, carrying milk. I wondered if Mrs Higgs’s daughter would tell on us, that we were vampires maybe. I peeped at her and she had headphones in and was looking out the other window. But me and Sav looked into our eyes and we hid our mouths anyway, pressed our lips together, bright stinging and full of secrets.