As of July 10, we have decided to temporarily close our inbox to new submissionsOur daily emails have doubled in recent months, and we're so grateful! But our response times have been getting longer and longer, and it's not fair to our contributors. Right now, we owe feedback to more people than we'd like. We are taking a pause to catch up—and reassess our processes now that submissions are so much higher than when we started out back in 2017.


We will not be monitoring submissions during this time. We please ask that, if you have not placed your pieces elsewhere and still hope they can find a home at Headway, you reach out when submissions have reopened and resubmit. If you submitted a piece for consideration before Friday, July 10, you can expect a response within 10-12 weeks. We will announce via newsletter, social media, and our website as soon as our inbox is back open. 

When submissions are open:


Multiple and/or simultaneous submissions are allowed and encouraged. Work that has appeared on a personal blog will be considered. Please limit each submission to 3,000 words or fewer. To submit, please email a Word or text-editable PDF document to the editorial team at, and let us know where you heard about us. Use the following format when naming the document: "Last Name, First Name." 

Contingent on an upcoming grant, we intend to pay future contributors a small fee for their work. 

We accept submissions of previously unpublished fiction, poetry, essays and other written work on any theme—we are, after all, a literary magazine. But, as writers, we also noticed that most literary magazines don’t give a lot of space to something that we think is pretty important: the writing process. The “finished” product is always what we’re reading—but all writers know that writing is anything but linear, and that a writing project is never really complete. Readers don’t usually see much of what goes into a published piece, and we want to explore the possibilities that unfold when we publish product and process side by side.


Headway Quarterly will publish “Process Materials” from our writers alongside their original submissions—something that, as far as we know, doesn’t happen that often. These materials can take many forms: a writer’s log, a journal entry, a poem, an annotated bibliography, a doodle, a photograph, a recording, even a conversation with the editors (or any combination of these, and more)—anything that is expressive of your writing process, anything that brings your voice to bear on your submission. We know this is one more step than you may be used to, but we expect contributors to take the Process Materials as seriously as their original submission.


These materials, we hope, are a unique aspect of Headway Quarterly—something that provides a new window into the original submission for writers and readers alike. You can create them now, create them later, ask us questions to help you brainstorm, but we don’t need your materials until your original submission has been accepted. Please note, the editors may be in touch if we find your Process Materials to be incomplete; final publication is contingent upon completion and acceptance of Process Materials.

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